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January 28, 2015


Man falls into Niagara gorge while taking nap

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I bet he told his rescuers he'd only had two beers.

"Common sense": Antiquated terminology, no known modern use.

Hey, it's cool out there even in the summer. At this time of year he must have been well lit to think this was a good idea. At least he didn't go over the Falls.

Niagara Gorge.
Slowly I turned.
Step by step.
Inch by inch...

The barrel shortage continues to take its ugly toll.

Sometimes your common sense goes astray after you partake of adult beverage.

If only Dr. Szeuss were still alive. Next book: GEORGE IN THE GORGE.

Well done, Poker. But could have included a geezer alert.

Rather a rude (but obviously effective) wake-up call, eh?

"completely avoidable with the employment of a little common sense."

But maybe common sense can't get a job....
and who sign the checks?

"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up."

*snork* at Clankie.

This local brainiac truly needs to buy himself a lottery ticket. He'll need to win the 'Big One' considering the size of the bill he'll be getting from the emergency services. Luckily non of the aforementioned were injured during the rescue process.

The problem is: common sense is not very common.

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