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January 29, 2015


Marijuana vending machine to debut in Seattle

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Man shot dead for a quarter's worth. Just speculating on what could possibly go wrong.

Unless they were to legalize it most workplaces require drug testing and they can trace marijuana 6mo on a person from a strand of hair. So unless you have a job that doesn't care.

Looks too complicated.

Put one of these in the local Taco Bell, and you could kill two birds with one stone(d).

I tried it, but on my second trip to the machine, I could no longer remember my PIN code.

Can't I just get a dime?

Ralph, for some reason, one of the things I remember from my college days is how many grams are in an ounce.

WVP: Sellers told me the answer is 25. That gets an extra 10 ounces out of a key. Not that I could ever afford a key.

Reefer Madness....thats all this is. I wonder if beer is allowed to be dispensed here ?

Calling marijuana marijuana is way too 60's. Let's all agree 'Brain Rape' is a much more appropriate clinical name when labeling the medical stuff for sale.

I remember when you couldn't carry your own beer from one table to the next in parts of Washington.

I remember when a police search turned up marijuana and the officer thought it was incense.

It needs to also sell doritos, and to accept credit cards

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