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January 29, 2015


Travel ban during storm causes brief doughnut shortage in Rhode Island

(Thanks to Monique)


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Shrinking TP, doughnut shortage and this are all part of Planet Obama awareness.

NASA reported that an asteroid a third of a mile wide passed close by the Earth Monday, coming to within a relative whisker of direct impact with our planet. The asteroid just missed hitting the Earth by seven hundred thousand miles. Michael Moore noted the near-miss and called the universe a coward.

So that explains all the Rhode Island cops in Boston after the blizzard. Dunkin Donuts,

Doughnut Shortage opened for The Flying Burrito Brothers.

And the so-called FEMA does nothing.

won't somebody think of the children?

The SMoD chickened out, eh manual?

Tim Horton's wouldn't have blinked at that puny snowfall. Though now that they're owned by Burger King, things may change.

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