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January 29, 2015


That's what happened to a Spokane, Washington couple after they sparred about their bill with a customer service representative from Comcast. When Ricardo and Lisa Brown got their monthly service bill, the husband's name had been changed from Ricardo Brown to "A**hole Brown."

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When I call, I always get John Davidson from India.

It's Comcastic!

(Service Mark status: DEAD as of October 17,2014)

manual: that's funny. Even before the "merger" we always got him too and I was calling Time Warner.

When we switched to Verizon the tech told us if you get India you can request (demand) they give you someone who is actually in the U,S,

By the way, by going to the local Time Warner office rather than calling, getting rid of their "service" was surprisingly painless.

/end unsolicited testimonial

This is entirely consistent with the treatment that I have come to expect from comcast. I have wasted HOURS on the phone attempting to get simple issues taken care of. Management knows this and requires that employees abuse customers, pure and simple.

I spent 3 wasted hours on the phone with DownCast Cable last month. I wanted to cut my parents cable bill by switching to a package which carried fewer channels. They don't watch anything other than Jeopardy! and The Weather Channel).

It turns out that a smaller bundle carries a higher cost, as they are "grandfathered" into some type of unusual "package deal" that "never will be offered again".

Me: "So, what you're saying is that if they want 25 fewer channels, their bill is going to increase by $30 per month?"

Sales-Droid: "Exactly"

Me: "Click".

There's a story (urban legend?) from many years ago about a sleeping-car passenger on a train who found bedbugs in his berth. He wrote a letter to the company and received a reply from the company president, apologizing for the poor experience and assuring the passenger that all sleeping cars would be fumigated. Accidentally included with this reply letter was the passenger's original complaint letter, on which the company president had written "Send this S.O.B. the standard bedbug letter!"

Than you Jeff Meyerson for providing your name. Can I verify your name? Thank you, I am happy to help you with your problem today. Why are your here today? Thank you, I will do everything to help with problem you are. Yes, I am in India. My name is John Davidson. I am helping happy you today. I will do everything to please me and you.

(Har). Maybe the guy really was. They were trying to make a point but sometimes they aren't the best either. So it goes both ways.

AH! ICONCAST Gotta love EM!

Called once with a cable signal problem; after going thru the six levels of hell (I.E. automated "help") I got a real person. I explaned that several channels did not have color. The "peraon" asked for an example aI said "The History Channel". The "Person" said "OH, they just show old black&white movies!" CLICK

I finally thru to a "tech" to do a remote reset the cable box. FIXED.

When I upgrded my modem I calle Xfinty (Comcast) The reser my MAC address The "person" talked to Had trouble with this concept. Once again after being put on hold and transfered several times I got thru to someone to "help". This "person" cchanged the MAC and then asked me to unplug the modem power and wait acouple of minutes and reconnect the power. The "person" was "kind enough" to seay on the line while the modem initalized. I told the "person" that all the modem lites were on and 'Activity' lite was flashing. The "person" said"well we'll just wait until that lite go solid".
I explained that the 'Activty' was flashing because the modem ws WORK LIKE IT SHOULD" CLICK.

LEVEL 2. Ask to speak to John Davidson.

Whenever I call and some guy says his name s "Justin" or "William", I usually say "really?"

John! Good to hear from you again.

Actually, what happened before we dumped TWC was this: We got a new "upgraded" DVR that enabled us to record six shows at once rather than two. Instead, every day when we'd wake up we'd find some new shows (lots of SONS OF ANARCHY and Gordon Ramsey shows) that we HADN'T RECORDED.

I mean, WTFBBQ? No one at TWC could understand it and we were accused of lying. We finally got an appointment for a tech to come and sort it out, but when we were out I got a call from India telling me my problem had been given to Mr. Davidson's department and he had "expedited" service and,,,voila! It was now fixed! Amazing.

Not. Actually, he had just rebooted it from Delhi and the problem remained. We made ANOTHER appointment and John called me AGAIN from Delhi to tell me the same thing WORD FOR WORD.


I told him, "No, you have not fixed it and if you cancel my appointment again I will kill you."

When the tech came he immediately (like five seconds after walking in) said we needed a filter because we were picking up recordings from our neighbor. As soon as he put the filter on SONS OF ANARCHY disappeared.

So thank you, John Davidson, but no thanks.

I was always put on hold for long periods at Tech Support. But that was when I was with DISH. When we dumped them, they required that we climb out on the roof and take down the antenna and send it to them. I informed my wife it was time to lodge a complaint with the CA Attorney General's office. Once contacted by the AG, their complaint dept. called and I was put on hold there too. Kind of sorry I don't get to talk to John Davidson any more. I was transferred to LEVEL something-or-other 47 and spoke with someone who sounded like He was from a foreign country. I didn't think it was possible. He forced me as well as all citizens of the US to buy their insurance or pay stiff fines. Then He tried to make me pay $9 a month for the inbred DVR which was included at no charge 2 years earlier. There was a lot of blood.

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