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January 27, 2015


Donald Trump blasts ‘loser’ Meet The Press host who mocked reality star’s presidential ambitions

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I would so pay to see Trump and Palin run. It would make the Republican race 1000% more entertaining.

I hope the Republicans aren't that stupid, Jeff. If I had to make a list of who I would never vote for in any type of election, Donald Trump would be #2 on that list. Anyone with the last name of Kardashian would be #1.

I suspect that the US government could save a lot of money currently devoted to protecting us from our enemies. I could see a lot of groups who hate is saying "Hmmm... Let's just sit back and see how this one plays out."

Sort of like Illinois, but with worse hair.

This looks like an endorsement to me


Well a hairdresser has to cost less than green fees.

"...outside of the apprentice, hardly anyone watches the obama network… aka @nbc"

No mention regarding Obama having his own planet?

Takes one to know one, eh Donald?

Seriously I would invite Todd to any event, and
vote for him, most likely. Donald, not so much.

"Oh Guinneverre, my kingdom for a horse hair toupe"...
Shakespeare's original post mocking fun of Donald,
until the D filed lawsuits and forced a change...

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