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January 29, 2015


The clip was inadvertently sent to the victim whose car was broken into by the pair of criminal masterminds when the iPad they were using to make the selfie-incriminating video automatically uploaded the 52-second reveal to the real owner's iCloud account.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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okay, these dudes are masterminds and deserve both the criminal penalty they will get and the public ridicule they are already receiving and the car's owner got the last laugh BUTT: my man has a laptop, an ipad $5,000 cash in an UNLOCKED vehicle? man. there seems to be more than enough stupid to go around in this story, that's all i'm sayin'.

Dont the criminals realize there are cameras everywhere ? (including their hands). Petty theft is gonna get harder and harder. They should turn to selling derivatives, or maybe entering politics.

mudstuffin that was my first thought too. I don't know who's dumber. The crooks or the guy who left all that in an unlocked car.

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