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December 31, 2014


I'm going to spend the evening teaching my grandson, Dylan, to play the guitar. Here he is performing "Purple Haze." As you can see, he is gifted.

DSCF4183 copy


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Such a cute picture with Grandpa. Happy New Year.

Do you know what this means, Dave? As soon as Dylan turns 16, he's going to fall for the girl in the G-string, and it will all be the fault of those bloody guitar lessons!

Happy Gnu Year, to everyone!

A couple a cuties right there!

Safe & Happy New Year to all.

Now, excuse me while I kiss the sky.

I bet he plays as well as you in no time, Dave. Have a great New Years. How can you not with that company?

At least you're not fighting the crowds and wind chills in Times Square tonight. Neither am I, by the way. Did that once in 1968. And the crowd was a lot more manageable then.

And keep off my lawn!

Fine looking duo.I'll bet he'll turn out to be a crooner. Dylan,that is.

Happy New Year to everyone.See you next year.

Clyde,Enuff and Fred.

Dylan appears to be a righty. And He's playing a right handed classical guitar in the left handed position. Hendrix was really good at that maneuver. Now all you need is Get Pete Townsend and a can of lighter fluid. Dylan looks a little like Dylan. Didn't Dylan write All Along The Watchtower? He was so brilliant at 6 months. Like the Beatles. Poof! And Happy New Year and al, that jazz. Hey, jazz! Poof!

He's a future heartbreaker! Just like his grandpa. Such a sweet picture. Happy New Year to everyone!

Too adorable!

The sad thing is those are better plans than mine.

Excuse me while I kiss this guy.

Great photo! But check for drool in the sound hole.

Happy New Year to the whole Barry clan, Judi, and all the bloggers!

Beginnings of RBR 2nd edition? Apple doesn't fall far from the tree eh? All the best for 2015 to Dave, judi, your loved ones and the entire blog gang.

Great photo, Dave! Dylan is simply irresistible. He'll be the featured guitarist in no time.

Happy New Year to one and all!

"Well in all of the excitement I can't remember whether I played five strings or six. So do you feel lucky, Dave, do you?"

Happy New Year!

Party on dudes! And a Happy New Year to all!


They've both got the crazy eyes..

No Stairway to Heaven!

Dylan thinking: Grampa, when I smile like that I need a change.

Gloria would be easier.

Totes adorbs!!!!

They're both looking at someone. Who could it be?

You should start him out on "Hey Joe". It's much more acoustic guitar friendly.


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