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December 31, 2014


The Idaho Potato Drop is only one of the many things-being-dropped events planned for tonight. Also being dropped at midnight are a taco, a sardine, an acorn, a cheese wedge, a Moon Pie and Miley Cyrus's undergarments.

No! Just kidding about that last one! We think.



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I'm just going to record all of the drops on my DVR so I can watch them tomorrow afternoon.

Vincennes, Ind.: An 18 ft., 500-pound watermelon will drop...


C'mon Dave, you know Miley doesn't wear underwear.

An acord, a possum and a lighted pickle?

cindy, what the heck is going on in North Carolina?

C'mon, Dave! You're missing the true cultural event...Bethlehem,Pa home of Just Born Candies, dtops....a huge replica marshmallow Peep!

Hey, they forgot one: the Key West Drag Queen Drop.

OK, that was an "acorn" not an "acord" up there.

What is going on? My posts keep appearing and disappearing.

Key West Drag Queen Drop.

PypeTad keeps deleting my posts.

wow i was gonna tell you about the walleye in port clinton and here it was first on the list! and how weird is it that i've seen it AND the sardine in maine?

Don't go to Presque Isle Maine looking for any sardines.It's 150 miles inland.That's Maine potato country.

I'd go to Eastport myself.

Jeff, my posts do that too -- they show when I first enter them, disappear when I refresh, then show up again anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes later. I assume submitted posts go through some kind of forum moderator (maybe to check for proper use of the words "booger" and "toilet") before truly being added to the comment feed.

Port Clinton is only a couple hours from me. Maybe I should think about going. Or maybe not.

It's on the edge of Lake Erie, so it's going to be co-o-o-o-ld.

Jeff? How much grog you had?
wanderer, we're on the other side of the lake and the way it felt out there a few minutes ago when I took the dog for a trot around the block, I'd opt for the '... maybe not.' option if I were you.

Here in Prescott, AZ, we drop a freakishly large representation of a cowboy boot from the flagpole atop an old saloon on Whiskey Row. Pretty clever, huh? Ya see what we did there with that whole western - cowboy - tourist - giddyup thing? Cutting edge stuff.

When will some burg in America put everyone else to shame and drop a politician? "Farkusville presents its 5th Annual New Year's Eve Politician Drop." THAT I would stay up for!

Hey, I've dropped my pants on New Year's Eve and no one ever got excited about it.

Wait...let me run that back...

I just dropped my girlfriend! OK, it was an accident, I just tried to carry her to the living room and I tripped on our cat.

EASTON, Md. — CNN will be broadcasting from to ring in the new year on Wednesday, Dec. 31. It wasn’t until 10 years ago that Talbot residents Rich and Suzanne Hood decided to contribute to the event and built the 6-foot-wide crab that drops from 25 feet in the air.

The crab drops twice each year and is accompanied both times by a parade of sea creatures. The first drop happens at 9 p.m. for those who will be warm in their beds by midnight, and then there is another at midnight.


Sorry that wasn't edited.

A pickle--in Mount Olive?....seems kind of incongruous.....

Meanwhile, in Little Rock, the Bill Clinton Presidential Museum is preparing for the annual dropping of...on second thought, never mind.....

Jeff, it's too cold here in North Carolina to drop anything tonight!

As I noted in the dropout comments yesterday, one twon has really nailed it.

Happy Newish Year!

Here in Portland we don't drop a dang thing, we go straight to drank in...

*Drops in for casual comment*

Hello and Happy New Year, all. Assuming no one drops the Big One.

Jim- What happened when Bill Clinton went to Mount Olive? Popeye got pissed.

BTW: Folly Beach, SC is firing up to drop a giant pair of wooden flip flops.

Dropping things? Somebody mixed their grog with something else?

Happy Nude Year. That wasn't a type. If you drop
your clothes, you're....

I've had too much Dr. Pepper.....Blessings all...

Happy 2015. Gee the idaho potato drop. What will people think up next.

Happy 2015 everybody!

Shhhh! They're all still asleep. Even then, shhhh, the sound of typing hurts.


Florida State dropped a lot of footballs. Does that count?

Thanks for reminding me, Tex.

Notre Dame dropped dem Tigers ! Go Irish and Happy New Year !

Long bender or long hangover?

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