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December 23, 2014


Man dressed as Batman arrested in southeast Idaho

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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So they were arrested for just having some fun? Ridiculous. Wasting tax payers money

Superman always gets off scott free.

Except for that kryptonite thing.

Not super.
Not heros.
Not dangerous.

He was arrested on a warrant; the article doesn't specify the charge. Possibly running a red light camera in the Batmobile?

He was on the trail of The Tater.

Tater's a dangerous supercrook. Got eyes everywhere.

police should just taser all super hero dudes, if they are realllllly super heroes
this should not bother them, if not.....

He was apprehended on an outstanding warrant for robin a 7/11.

I'm with you, billb, but then again you never know... ever wonder why George Reeves' Superman in the '50s just calmly stood there when the bad guys fired bullets at him but he always ducked when they threw something at him?

Rich guy who wears a mask,cape and tights who keeps a boy in a cave.
Yep THAT'S role model for ya!

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