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December 30, 2014


A 12-year-old schoolboy turned up for his nativity play dressed up as Stalin after mixing up his Josephs.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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If only this kid had come along in the early part of the 20th century. I'm sure the Joseph he portrayed really only needed someone to reach out to include him at a relatively young age. 'Might have made a positive difference over the decades that followed.

At the end of the play he "purged" the audience.

This Stalin wasn't stallin'. The show must go on.

Just for that, I get a front row seat on the GB.

I might show up at church at Christmas for that...

Putin fainted from joy.

I smell a hoax. How many people think of Stalin in terms of his first name? They couldn't think of any other famous Joesphs? How about McCarthy, or Joe the Plumber?

I don't think many Russians are familiar with Joe McCarthy -- and I'm not familiar with Joe the Plumber myself!

I'm dreaming of a Red Christmas.

Just wait until Washington retaliates, and someone fires a Ted Cruz missile back at Ras-Putin.

Next year, they will be performing that hit show "Putin on the Ritz".

Putinsky is envious of the mustache

at least they didn't give him a coat of many colours to go with it.

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