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December 29, 2014


Nashville man pulls gun in McDonald’s over missing cheeseburger

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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Wait'll they start cutting items from the menu and he can't get his Bacon Ranch Quarter Pounder anymore.

I'm sure that there was little time from "Can I see the tape?" and the identification of the perp.

Why has no one reported on the secession of the City of Nashville to Florida? The whole damn media needs a boot in the keister for overlooking that one.

Well, on the upside he found a way to get fresh fries.

Demetri aced Food Service AND Citizenship and is apparently quite the chick magnet too.

I wonder how many gallons of gas are wasted by people using drive-thrus ? Or by people using drive-thrus and then pulling out guns ? Or by.......

This crime has the death penalty in 12 states. He could fry...

There must be a pill one can take for this.

I haz no cheezburger.

when I was a fresh-faced lad I worked at MackyDees and our scourge was the local gypsy clan. They would come in by the dozen, order 2 cheeseburgers and eat 3/4 of them and come back up and demand a new on as they were NO GOOD. They did this ALL the TIME. Like we had no clue that they were doing it.
I offered to put them in the cooler, but my boss would not let me. A few hours in the cooler changes your POV....

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