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December 25, 2014


Topless woman snatches baby Jesus from Nativity scene at St. Peter's Square in pro-choice demonstration

(Thanks to Jon Harris)

Ohio town orders man to remove zombie Nativity scene

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Chris Elzi)

Tactical Santas spread Christmas cheer

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)

Eggnog-chugging contest sends Lehi man to hospital

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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If we can't have our Zombie Nativity scenes what's the point of having a Constitution at all?

And yes, I saw Zombie Nativity open for Meat Loaf.

There was a vampire nativity last year.

A topless Jesus stealing undead nativity might be the next step.

oooooooh zombie nativity. Vampire nativity.That may be cool

The Tactical Santas know when you've been bad, and they've got the zip ties to deal with you.

Topless woman, snatch and baby Jesus do not belong together in the same sentence. Enjoy the lightning strike to follow.

She's the marryin' kind. A god of a woman.

This guy Roche. He was one of the one's firing off bottle rockets out of butt this past summer.

A clear case of a police cover up.

You think maybe alcohol was involved prior to the chugging contest?

I once saw a "drink responsibly" ad from a liquor company that showed a corporate career path: Mailroom --> Middle management --> Christmas party incident --> Mailroom.

Tactical Santas? You'd better watch out!

"Pro-choice" does not mean ANY choice.

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