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December 11, 2014


Women pose naked in calendar to raise money for Prince William’s air ambulance

Advisory: Not 100% SFW.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Oh he gets a little added Christmas bonus this year

I'm sure his wife will appreciate this.

A tip of the old fedora to the ladies.

So how does this work? Do they send a letter saying 'Give us $20 or we send you one of these calendars'?
(my keyboard doesn't have a pound sign)

Well, apparently Prince William does like a look.

The HORROR, The HORROR . . .

Contributions were sagging. The cause needed some support.

Is there a full disclosure before buying said calendar ?

Now we know why the British Empire continues to decline.

So now British people are doing fund raisers for their Royals?
This is such an interesting millenium.

They may not need support, but I'd be glad to lend a hand.

Needs. More. Straw.

Oh dear. Where's that link to Katie of the Cambridge "Best Butts" contest. My brain needs a "palate cleanser".

Is an "air ambulance" similar to an "air guitar"? Why do you need money for it?

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