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December 24, 2014


Video games should be in Olympics, says Warcraft maker

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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But only video games of people playing sports.

Making disgusting noises with hand and armpit should be a demonstration sport.

And I thought syncronized swimming was ridiculous.

For the Horde, baby!

Mario Marathon. Pikachu Pentathalon. Halo High Jump...

A few months ago, I tried "WiiFit" for the first time. I stood on that ridiculous (And tiny!) little board, then was told to lean one way, then another.

I fell off an crashed into the coffee table.

So tell me, do I have a legal case to sue Nintendo for damages? (No physical damage, but my ego was bruised, tremendously.)

Beer pong. It's the only way we're ever gonna beat them sneaky little Chinese guys.

I would only watch this if they played naked, like the Greeks did in the original Video Game Olympics between Constantinople and Rome.

I say include scrapbooking as a sport...those scrappers have more little pairs of jagged scissors and fancy hole-punches than Tiger Woods has clubs...

The field of battle: Dueling mom's basements.

Just no. Though it WOULD be more interesting than the Olympics, it still is a dumb idea.

Frogger or Space Invaders.

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