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December 29, 2014


Italian Circus Closed After Trying to Pass Off Dogs as Pandas

(Thanks to Paul Sand, Rob Simbeck and DaninDallas)


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The giveway was that these "pandas" actually did something other than lie around and eat bamboo.

Go into politics, where such things are done routinely.

I'm not sure, Clankie. Most of our politicians dress up as flamingoes.

When the pandas sniffed them in the crotch....that should have been the tip-off.

Another clue is pandas don't bark.

They couldn't bear up under the scrutiny.

I was told once that Chows don't bark. As far as I know, they don't eat bamboo either.

Well, it worked a little longer than when they tried to pass off a Brillo pad on a stick as the Bearded Lady.

Purina Panda Chow.

Would rather have the dogs.

No dog is as dumb as a panda.

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