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December 30, 2014


Passengers kicked up a stink on a flight from Beijing to Detroit this week after a family allowed their toddler to defecate on his seat, according to reports.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)

UPDATE: It turns out that this is old and was already blogged. judi will be rehired briefly so she can apologize before being refired.


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Sun ting wong.

"Settle"? "Passing motion"? The euphemisms are remarkable.

If somebody told me I was going to Detroit, I'd crap, too.

everybody's doing a brand new dance now! (come on baby, settle passing motion!)

If I'm not mistaken, this was blogged several months ago. Somebody deserves a spanking.

Well, no one can avoid changes. Sure hope the kid was

I know the other passengers will be changing (airlines).

They're going from Beijing to Detroit and they're complaining about a bad smell?

A logical consequence of Judi's recent firing, ubetcha.

Poop stories never get old.

Yeah, Wanderer, "passing motion" is all the new rage in euphemisms for "taking a crap."

Couldn't be much worse than the bus I took home yesterday. Basically a portapotty with 55 seats.

Congrats judi! When's your refirement party?


One of the better reasons why I haven't used public transportation in at least 15 years.

I'm probably riding one of your old buses, Spiny.

Beijing to Detroit ? Not a big vacation route. I remember reading about GM investing billions in China. Hmmmmmmmm something stinks here.....and the story too.

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