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December 30, 2014


But police say a search of Frey's apartment wiped out that explanation: That's where they say they found a newly opened roll of toilet paper with the pen impression from Frey's note on an outer sheet.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, Bill Hudgins and Unholy Slacker)


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Are we sure he didn't really have a gub?

His story unraveled

One hopes the pen is the only impression found.

Criminal Mastermind of the Week So Far.

The crime scene was flush with evidence, but now the police have nothing to go on.

It's official. Our crooks are getting dumber. Btw, PirateBoy, I just saw your comment on my post about the flute and sweater. *SMACK*!

Sherlock Holmes would have called this elementary sleuthing.


Better late than never.

Shoulda dumped the evidence ...

Over the top detective work?

NC: Happy New Year!

And "Ow!"

His alibi was a tissue of lies.

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