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December 27, 2014


Justin Bieber receives ‘beautiful’ private jet as Christmas gift

(Thanks to nursecindy, who says "I got a new sweater and a flute.  I don't know how to play the flute.")


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If JB knew that NurseCindy got a sweater and a flute from someone who truly cares about her life and well-being, which I'm sure is the case, I think he'd be jealous. This is sad, though probaby true.

Probaby... Probably... whatever.

I hope they have a helluva good ventilation system in it so the pilots don't get stoned when the little puke lights up.

*seconds Capisce*

I wish he'd fly it home to Canada and STAY THERE.

It would help his image in the US considerably.

But then again, he'll probably be racing Putin, or
crash it into a national or state landmark....

Why can't the Russians shoot him down?

NC: Remember that time at band camp?

But you know how to play that sweater, eh cindy?

*ducks just in case*

Fix it so it can only fly north.

If the star did treat himself to the jet, he probably didn't strain too much to make the pricey purchase. Forbes estimates that he earned $80 million this year...

I had no idea there were that many insecure 12-year old girls out there.

Here's wishing somebody gives him the GPS settings for N. Korea.

The jet is sharp inside but some people just make way too much money and why do they?

That's right, nursecindy. If you really know how to pack a sweater, (for vacation of course) right away someone's flute begins to play the 'Hallelujah Chorus'.

So true gigi wolf. *SMACKS* Jeff. He had to know that was coming.

I will content myself with the thought that the little git has not gotten one thin dime from me.


... and why do they?

Because America worships media/sports celebrities as royalty...

Wait, no, as gods.

Phuk Khim

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