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December 26, 2014


If Jack Daniels and his wife had a child, what would they name it?

(Thanks to J.R. Absher)


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I would have chosen Wild Turkey myself. Lot cheaper.

Next child: Johnny Walker, to be followed by Night Train, Thunderbird and Mad Dog 20/20.

Presumably they have opted for bottle-feeding.

No (Two Buck) Chuck?

I suspect their marriage will soon be on the rocks...

I think Remy Martin Leathers has a nice ring to it.

Smoky Oak Barrel. Perfect. Now I have to think up a boy name.

When they got married, Judge Johnny Walker of Houma officiated the ceremony.

Jack Daniels no doubt considers his son's name to be a sort of Maker's Mark. I wonder if Jim Beam's Old Grand-Dad is proud of his name?

Must be a sloe news day. Maybe they can gin up some new names.

If it was a girl they would have named her Ripple.

I look forward to the day when The Macallan turns 18.
*sheds a tear•

Twin boys would have been Glen Livet & Glen Fiddich

Some day he'll come home from college and announce dramatically, "I want you to all know me by my true name -- Veuve Cliquot."

Aren't Jack Daniels and Jim Beam listed as co-respondents in a lot of divorces?

They should polish his bottom so they can give him the nickname "moon-shine".

Islay Laphroaig Leathers

The puns just write themselves, don't they?

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