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December 30, 2014


N.C. town's Possum Drop won't use real animal, breaking 20-year tradition after outcry from PETA

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I bet no one would complain if they dropped a member of Congress..

Nothing like this to kill a possum's New Year fun

Dropping a pot of roadkill would just not be the same.

Of course it might go over well with Larry, Darryl and Darryl.

Just use a fake panda - nobody will notice.

Occasionally a possum has dropped into my yard. My 3 dogs have done their best to harm the possum's nerves and health. I hope PETA doesn't sue them as they can't afford a lawyer.

I blame DeBlasio.

Use a spotted own or a polar bear.

Use a spotted owl or a polar bear.

Just get it to play possum and tell them it's already dead.

All of us here in North Carolina are pretty upset about this. Actually, most of us here in North Carolina have never heard of the Possum Drop.

Potatoes are an animal?

... um ... then 'possums must be vegetables ... do Vegans know about this?

And still there are no complaints about dwarf tossing!

Just let me say we have opossums here in Brooklyn too. At least I saw one outside the rehab center where my wife went after her knee operation. The poor thing looked really lost.

How about a PETA drop?

Climb in little PETA punk. Just like an amusement park. You'll love the ride.

we used to have possums in Oregon, but the raccoons took over. Cute but they are vicious like the mob.

Can we drop a potato with a nail in it on the fake possum?

Turkey drop, instead?

Sure, deprive the possum of the one little glimmer of entertainment he gets all year. Now it's another 364 days of scratching his balls and wondering where his life went wrong.

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