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December 23, 2014


I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky.

Double rainbow


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Kind of a neat picture Dave


Circumpolar arcs!

Wish I'd have been there.

Dave has seen the Mothership!

Close encounters, indeed.

The Siiimpsons.

"Double rainbow, Oh my God! It's a double rainbow all the way! Whoa!"

Ralph, I thought of that same guy immediately!

holy shinola!

Consider where Dave is. Even his camera is one toke over the line.

Is everybody high...?

It's a Rocky Mountain High! What a beautiful picture.

How cool! Never seen anything like that before.

Wiredog, I don't think that's a circumpolar arc, though. Not according to the Google, at any rate.

This is clearly a breach in the space/time matrix as a result of an endochromic thiotimoline conversion. The only possible solution is to,

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