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December 22, 2014


Conditions are excellent.


This has been your Colorado Ski Report.


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There's a spider on your coat !!

Very nice.

where is the blue shirt????

Looking good, Dave.

Great picture but I get cold just looking at it!

Having grown up in a ski town, it looks glorious to me.

Looks more like Russia to me and the spy that should come in from the cold.

Have you worked out that gravity thing yet?

snork at w2575. And if you like scifi, go see INTERSTELLAR.

Try for a refund regarding any further fun. Free up your primitive survival skills. You may need them. Stay abreast of any hint or mention of the mother of all blizzards. Seek medical attention if an erection lasting more than a few seconds occurs. At least notify the desk. They won't be surprised. At all.

A great man, Dave, once said this about skiing.
“Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.”
Dave please don't knock down any trees.

Dave, are you a "ski cop"? if so, where's the radar gun? Keep people safe, including you, and remember,
the holidays are just around the corner. Temper justice with compassion or vice versa.

I can see...infinity


OMG! WTFBBQ! LOL! I just noticed it's (not its) a "selfie"

You're in for a lot of snow and cold. I sincerely hope you indulge in, and say the word "schnapps" frequently.

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