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December 27, 2014


Husband, 18, and wife, 42, 'stole $2,000 worth of Christmas ornaments from neighbors to decorate their own yard'

Yet they look like such a nice couple.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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What has been seen...

seconded Phil, please put a "not safe for human consumption" warning on this.

Silly fools, everyone knows you don't put the Christmas decorations you steal from your neighbors up the same year you steal them. The one's from the neighbors go in storage for a few years and you put the ones you stole from 3 towns over go up this year.

Somewhere in the English language there are words to express my opinion of this couple but I don't know them and I can't find them anywhere.

Which is the husband and which is the wife?

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Brad & Angelina?

This is good. I'm sure that some of the most difficult people in our lives don't seem quite as troublesome now.

There's just too much going on here for me to get my head around it. Must be the absinthe. Speaking of which, anyone got an absinthe fountain they're not using right now?

An't luv wunder full!

Jan: Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love stole for me . . .."

Could be worse. December 19th, in Foxworthy's "page a day" calendar:

You might be Redneck if... your Christmas tree was growing in your neighbor's yard at Thanksgiving.

(I have seen that actually happen, btw.)

Absinthe Fountain for sale. Inquire within.

*SNORK* at PirateBoy.

I for one think it's great that he, at 18 years of age, has found a way to spend quality time with his mother, 42.

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