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December 24, 2014


Police: 'Suspicious' Nickelback CD to be destroyed

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I'll be the first to jump in. Who/what is "Nickelback" ? I will now get back on the bus........

LeDud, they're a Canadian rock band. I've never heard them. But when they were booked to play the halftime show here at the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game in 2011, the vitriol from the fans was unrelenting. Detroit has a bit of its own musical legacy but Lions' brass ignored it and picked THEM for the halftime show? They were booed off the stage after one song. They apparently aren't well-loved elsewhere either.

Mind you, this was the one year (prior to this year) that the Lions actually had a decent record up to that point, so more people were actually paying attention.

Why was it suspicious – was it wooden?

Thank you Canada you did us a solid on this one.

Sting and the boys can be really vindictive......

Thanks W2575. Sounds like they could be the heir apparents to THIS IS SPINAL TAP.

It could have been worse....it could have been Manilow.

As a Brit, married to a Canadian whom I met in Oman, who's lived for 20+ yrs.in a Canadian town so close to the U.S. border I do my grocery shopping in Buffalo, I have absolutely no opinion on the above. 'Cept GO LEAFS GO!!!! And Nickelback suck.

I blame Carlos Danger.

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