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December 26, 2014


California road rage driver pleads not guilty while steering imaginary wheel

(Thanks to Eric Y)


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Most California drivers do not have a valid Drivers License, registration or insurance be it imaginary or in some foreign language, and if they do. The most common argument they present when their involvement in a traffic accident occurs is, "The light was blue." Expect it.

She should be released and given an imaginary car to drive. Preferably electric.

Whoa. Scary eyes.

I would keep way, way off her lawn.

Imaginary steering wheel? So instead of keeping her hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock, she kept them on story time.

It's too bad Santa didn't bring her a couple of boxes of sanity. Obviously this woman is nuts. I hope they slapped some charges on her for that hairstyle too.

Time to require registration of all autos, and licensing of all drivers?


Wait ...

Nevermind ...

S'ppose she's related to the Connecticut woman who drove through her husband's house?

Can't be coincidence that these are two coastal states. Must be too much sea air.

Sounds like she drove herself crazy....

Do not lock this woman up in an imaginary jail.

Well, look at those two perky, pretty women who filmed her. No wonder she got ticked. They deserved it, and she had more imaginary insurance.

Even scarier...people with Psychtic eyes are not dangerous, until they do something in Cali...
then why do they keep on recruiting Docs for their state hospitals????
Nope, not going there....


Can't be coincidence that these are two coastal states. Must be too much sea air.

Florida starts to make sense when you look at it that way... o_O

Fun lady! I wonder if she's single.

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