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December 27, 2014


This bad.


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I would like to thank Mr. Barry for making my last trip to the library this year minimally memorable. For one thing, if I hadn't gone today, I would not have seen a sixty-year old man wearing a Russian fur hat, a waist-length jacket, and knee-high black boots, topped by an electric blue and black striped, swingy mini dress. It caught my eye because he was much too old to be wearing a dress that short. At least his legs were kept warm by all the hair. You're never too old for good grooming standards, for crying out loud. Next time, shave.

And then, for some reason, I had trouble checking out my books. Probably because I used my swim pass, instead of my library card. The elderly guard walked over to help me, and the book on top? Boogers Are My Beat. The only book in the library with the word 'boogers' in the title.

Excellent as usual, Dave. I'd forgotten most of the things that happened, and I don't even live in Colorado.

At last I know what actually happened in 2014.Thanks Dave.

Bravo. Always worth the wait, and one of the things I eagerly look forward to all year. BTW, ThunderousBidet shall now be the basis for most of my passwords.

As usual I loved it!

As time passes Dave, we all remember less and less. Thank The Heavens we have you to remind us what just happened. Best in 2015, and remember that on Jan. 2 you will be closer to 2030 than 2000.....

"California, where the state legislature passes a tough new water-conservation law requiring all noncelebrity residents to go to the bathroom in Oregon." LOL!

*prolonged applause*

This and the Christmas Gift List make my December.

I could only make it to August before thoroughly mummifying my head in duct tape. Did the rest of the year turn out alright? Also, for those interested in surviving 2015, Home Depot's zombie-proof plywood appears to be out of stock.

Damn it Dave, you've gone and committed journalism, again.

Well done!

Happy New Year everybody!

Dear Mr. Berry:

I strenuously object to your libelous characterization of the security at Dunkin' Donuts as being similar to that of the White House. I defy you to find one location which does not have at least 4 members of the law enforcement community on the premises at all times.

I could be wrong, but I heard Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan played cymbals with John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their Plastic Ono Band. He was formally known as Keith but dropped the name when He learned it was already taken.

When I was hit my a car while on a bicycle, the police were there in less than a minute. It was a block from Dunkin' Donuts.

The year sucked a lot less with His Daveness and the bloggers

Once again Dave, many thanks.

This year has ended pretty well. It started out not so great. My husband passed away in March. I enjoy this blog and Dave's books when they come out. Keep me laughting.I Hope next year will be even better. An early Happy New Year and hope that the Lions win the division today

(((Theresa))) I hope this year is better for you too.

GAAH! The horror! I'd blocked most of it out, like a woman forgetting the pain of childbirth...

I'd like to say this was the funniest recap of 2014 that I've ever read, but my computer was recalled by GM, so I'm unable to post anything.

2015 will be better... won't it ...?

I'm not gonna miss 2014, or 2015 or 2016, because rumor has it that marijuana legalization bills will sweep the nation over the next two years.

"Downwind of Denver" WBAGNFARB

2014 was an average year. Worse than 2013, better than 2015. So average.

Theresa, so sorry to hear your husband passed away. Wishing you nothing but the best for the coming year and beyond.

Glad to see you still keep a diary.

Brilliant as usual! Thanks for the great year, Dave and bloglits, and all the snorks! I propose a toast to many more!

Also, so sorry for your loss Theresa.

And Happy New Year to my favorite barbershop ho!

May I be the first to say it: Happy Depreciation Day!

Lets all try to be happy, even though everything we own will soon be worth 20% less.

Except for the laughs here, those are priceless.

Dave, enjoyed this so much. Do you think you can go ahead and write 2015 year in review now so we will know what to look....watch out for?

My still (20 years) favorite name is P.T. Pupuksriwijaja.
Say it fast.

Another good Indonesian name, Batman Suparman.

Dave, What would we do without you??!! You can never retire !!

Thanks Dave for all of the lessons in science and nature. They are truly interesting to me. Thanks for the comments above that was very nice.

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