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November 28, 2014


The Brits have imported Black Friday:

“It was mental in there. It was crazy… absolutely disgusting. So many people pushed in the queue we didn’t have a chance. The poor woman who was second in the queue was pushed out by the crowd of youths, she didn’t get anything. There are lads in there three, four, five tellies. It’s not fair.

“I got a Dyson but I don’t even know if I want it. I just picked it up. I don’t even know how much it costs, I don’t know even know if I’m going to buy it. I just wanted something."

We don't even know what a "Dyson" is. But we would fight for one.


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Wasn't he the crazy computer guy in that Star Trek TOS episode ?

They'll have to start shooting each other if they want to catch up.

"I got a Dyson but I don’t even know if I want it. I just picked it up... I just wanted something."

The epitome of stupidity. And part of the problem.

May not want to pay for this Dyson, either.

I went into town to check out a "Black Friday" camera sale.
The clerk tole me that the one they had had been sold.
This epitomizes the event.

"Told". Although the event did take its toll.

I never leave home on Black Friday.

A Dyson appears to be a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners suck.

This vacuum sale is held once every 200 years, hence the term Dysontenical.

Clankie, you're thinking of Daystrom. But if I could get a Dyson Sphere for a reasonable price, I know I'd fight for it.

Elsewhere in Britain, it is reported that Black Friday shoppers have gotten their knickers in a bunch over bunches of knickers:


Many people, even Trekkers, may not realize this, but Dyson technology eventually became the OS of the Death Star in Star Wars.

And yes, it still sucks.

Maybe he didn't need a Dyson after all. He'd have been better off with a Tyson.

From what I've seen, I don't believe the Brits have the garage space to handle all the stuff they obviously want to buy. Federal law here mandates that everyone must have at minimum a two-car garage, it must be filled, and they must park their cars in the driveway, and on the street.

Gee I don't know what all of the dyson craze is. I have a bissell and it works great. Don't have to buy filters for it i just wash them out and don't have to buy bags for it just wash the bucket out. It is perfect and it was cheap. The best vacuum I have ever had. I also have a bissel carpet shampooer that is awesome. Heats up and cleans well.

Bissels suck too.

In Hollywierd, I've heard that ladies pants were half off...

One of my life goals is to get a large venue to chant "Vacuums suck" -- it didn't work last year at Christmas Eve services.

Dysons are better known by their French name, "Les Suq Brooms."

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