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November 30, 2014


Man lifts 80kg of bricks with his testicles, swings them around

(Thanks to funny man, Unholy Slacker and DaninDallas)


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I can swing my testicles around too, but the Main Stream Media are ignoring me.

Don't try this at home! This man is a professional. An amateur tried this and rectum.

I refuse to think about this any longer.

Dope with a rope?

Do your balls hang low....

Finally, a suitable replacement for Eric Holder.

Clearly, this man is nuts! (someone had to say it)

Ouch,ouch,ouch! I don't even have those parts and it hurt me to read that article.

The Japanese could lift more.

What Ralph said.

And a-one and a-two and everybody sing!

Can you tie them in a knot?

This brings up questions. Who would have ever thought of doing that? And WHY would anyone want to do that.

Can you tie them in a bow? Sorry but wiredog made me do it.

Does the blood fill up your sock, because you've badly ruined your...well, um, NC made me do it, too!

we need a new rule 'stupid people should be neutered on sight', and that means we start with this schmoo and the rethuglicans in congress.

He's being treated for a head injury. No, not that head. Now he's always tripping over them and falling on his face.

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