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November 24, 2014


Does the dog die?

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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The dog is both alive and dead on the quantum level according to Shrodinger, so his emoticon flashes between the first and third options.

Wait a second. My brother told me that Old Yeller was playing the Stanley the Wonder Collie up in doggie heaven.

I sense a conspiracy.

ÖMG, ncfc

Spoiler(s) alert . . .

You had to mention Old Yeller, didn't you?


Neidermeyer's horse dies. The pet Alien dies. Alas, Garfield lives. No justice.

Oh, wow, I have a friend who so needs this. She won't even watch the Discovery Channel anymore.

It's emotional blackmail, like when they show you the
allegedly abused pets, in cages, and demand $19 a month or they will kill them.

I'm starting a class action, anybody else in?

"It gets worse, Lloyd. My parakeet Petey? He's dead."
"Aw, man I'm sorry, Harry. What happened?"
"His head fell off!"

I just KNEW there was a reason I hated Alien 3. Other than it sucking. Plus they killed Newt, too.

Oh, it's all right.
He's in Heaven, after all.
Aren't they all?

I watched "The Bunker" with Anthony Hopkins last night. The dog and her puppies die :(

The parrot is not dead. It is pining for the fjords.

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