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November 24, 2014


Man marries tree… again

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Insert "woody" joke here.

He is like the man who marries three different women, hoping that one can make him happy. This man needs to branch out, because he is barking up the wrong marital tree. He should move on to a clinging vine, or something. I know a nice one named Fern, who just needs a good man to prune her.

And you thought politicians could give a stump speech.

This has to be the first case of bigotree.

I'm rooting for this idea. Take it or leave it.

Hey, nice knothole sweetie!

He really loves his wood. Really. Hard love.

Word is a log splitter is after the happy couple, menage a (somebody call an accountant, Stat), or commune.
Sounds like neither one is safe.

Can I sign the guest log?

Oh! Is that peppermint bark?

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