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November 26, 2014


Doctors remove 50 maggots from man’s nose

(Thanks to Mitch Seibert)


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I thought that maggots could fly?

I'd say Send Them to Washington but there are enough maggots there already.

"Juvekar said he had only seen six to eight cases of nasal maggots in 15 ears during his practice."

I guess he doesn't consult the auricle often.

Great. Now my nose is gonna be itchy for the rest of the day.

Putin has exercised Executive Priviledge and says He will set the maggots free and release them as well as 5 million other undocumented maggots into the wild.

No, no- Castro is putting them in boats and they are charting a course for Miami. Please be alert for any maggots who harbor an incestuous love for their sisters, and are involved in organized crime. Or disorganized crime, for that matter. Somehow, I just knew taking deep breaths was a bad idea.

I wondered why Chuck Schumer suddenly changed his tune.

And then there is Chuck Hagel. Hagel was the only member of Obama's cabinet with unquestioned integrity and truthfulness. So he had to go.

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