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November 24, 2014


It has had its moments.


(Thanks to Goodstuff, who says "This Thanksgiving we will be doing oysters and beer. There are no turkeys in Thailand.")


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And there are no Thais in Turkey? I forget what they taught me in Geography.

How law becomes a tradition.

It was Thailand's founding father George Camelnut Sukhamington who proclaimed, "We will have no Turkey in Bangkok, it's too tough." "Hear Ye." "Phukit!" "Frozen shrimp for 'ye Pilgrims."

Apparently Spiderman is behind on his taxes.

The name of the Thanksgiving bird has an interesting etymology.

Turkey is one of the funniest words on the planet. We used to call people turkeys as an epithet, back in the late someties, and it's both a country and a roast beast. And it sounds like "turnkey" and "quirkie".

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

It must be getting close to Thanksgiving because my dogs are doing a lot of this.

There is very deep symbolism here. Not sure what but sure there is.

pork has a couple different meanings too...

just sayin'

Spidey sense now doggie sense. That ain't punkin pie he's sniffing. New meaning for porn on the web.

The orientation of this shot is wrong. Spidey is just helping Uncle Sam scale a building with a mural of people on it.

Back off there spider boy!

Bill Cosby's attorney is denying any involvement by his client.

If ya'll don't do what Spider-Man's doin' right now then you HATE AMURRICA!

@ Ms. Flukey: *Snork*!

...though not while in that position.

These gay pride parades are getting out of hand.

Thanks Dave Dude

My mother's last cognizant Thanksgiving morning was spent in our large kitchen, drinking coffee and watching Macy's parade as I cooked.
She had the better view, being blind with a very good imagination.

Looks like Spiderman is kissing Uncle Sam's butt.

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