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November 24, 2014


...you people can.


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Nope, not a chance.

It's from a photo series called "Understanding Joshua". Google it, but be warned, at least one picture is NSFW.

Milk--it does a body good.

Got Milk (Laced with LSD)?

It's a photo of the New York Jets Christmas party

Some people have way too much time on their hands

If the internet has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that there are more types of fetish porn than human beings on the internet.


I do not want to know.

I've done this twice ,quite recently actually,but I still don't know why.

Revenge of the Coconut People.

Ernie's milk bath at the spa.

The newest film version of Pride and Prejudice, in cinemas April 2015.


Doesn't everyone have milk with breakfast?

Bert is looking kind of tanning bed overdone.

Monica Lewinsky being shown what the meaning of what Cousin "It" is. Further proof to her that oral sex is not the same as having sexual relations.

It's complicated.

But does the dog die?

GREEK STYLE YOGURT SHAMPOO. this is what turned the grinch green (as seen in this before photo.)

Rule 34.

I find the whole "Understanding Joshua" series disturbing.
I'm sorry if that disturbs you.

They are clearly lactose intolerant.

Black Friday at Bed, Bath, and Beyond?

They were out of horsehead masks.

The fist leaked promo trailer to Twin Peaks II?

Um, first, not fist. But in this case, either one works....

I have friends who call this foreplay.

I think we've all about had our fill of these Cosby allegations.

I call this "Friday night."

clever way to protect the defenseless woman from the lactose-intolerant alien.

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