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November 29, 2014


Schoolchildren forced to evacuate playground due to "unusually aggressive" grey squirrel

(Thanks to Monique, and Ranald Adams)

Squirrels Interfere With Cincinnati Zoo's Light Display

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder and Ralph)


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My dog, Sugar, keeps trying to warn me of this impending hostile takeover by rodents of all stripes. One of the rules for Agent Provocateurs is to go after the smaller, weaker members first, and spread fear and dissension. I'll bet the children weren't even able to articulate exactly what frightened them, that's how good he was.

Like many of you I too was fooled by their innocent looks, big brown eyes, cute little bushy tails, and charming ways. Then they chewed the starter wires in my car. They're not so cute anymore.

Teach. Your children well.

I have two squirrel defense systems,.a.k.a. CATS.

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