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November 29, 2014


Marauding pig and its woman owner forced off US Airway flight after 'terrified' passengers complained

We saw Marauding Pig open for the Stones.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner, Monique and The Perts)


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An emotional support pig? Now I've heard it all. For today anyway.

What frame of mind do you have to be in to think you require an emotional support pig?

If pigs could fly...

Look, bacon makes me feel better, and the pig was a DIY bacon kit, so...

It was an incontinent marauding emotional support pig.

It crapped in the aisle. Shouldn't it have had an 'emotional support' person? Anyway, stewardesses are way overpaid.

Having lived in the Middle East for a number of years, I'm trying to imagine a comfort pig on a local airliner there. Goats and camels, yes but pigs - probably not.

That Insurance company needs to keep the pig in the pen, if you know what I mean. First, they let the lizard run everywhere, then the pig, and rumor has it the next "mascot" is a rhino. This madness needs to end!

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