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October 08, 2014


As you know if you are a student of history, every famous historic event in American history occurred today. Not least among these events was the birth in 1980 of the young fellow shown below holding an even younger fellow.

Rob and Dylan Mirror

Happy birthday, Rob.


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Great picture. Happy Birthday, Rob.

Great shot! You are so blessed, Grandfather.

cute little son of a son

of a son

Happy Birthday, Rob.
And, who is holding the camera and taking those wonderful pictures?

Happy birthday, Rob. Hope you're enjoying daddyhood.

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Have you scheduled the Weinermobile visit yet?

Awesome day to celebrate a birthday. Have a good one Rob. Would've been my Mum's 90th today.

I refuse to believe he is any older and now has a child of his own. He is still making dinosaur noises and getting picked up by his Dad in the Weinermobile.

I did NOT age 25 years. That's impossible.

Holy Smoot Tariff, I almost forgot. Have a great birthday, Rob!

Congratulations, Rob. What an awesome way to spend a birthday!

That's a great picture. Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday, Rob!

That is one cute kidlet! Hugs to Dylan, Rob, GrandBlog, and all!

Happy Birthday!

Not sure which of the two seems more amused to see his reflection.

This is what it's all about. Happy birthday, Rob.

Rob, sorry for the lifetime's worth of all the jokes we've laughed over, usually at your expense. To slightly modify a quote by Lisa Simpson: "With the passage of time, and hopefully enough therapy, perhaps one day you will find it in your heart to forgive us all."

Happy birthday! Tell your dad you want everything on his annual gift guide this year!

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