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September 27, 2014


Naked Couple Found Having "Intimate Relations" in Richmond District Dumpster

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Ha, gee how cool can that be

How can one be nekkid and have narcotics paraphernalia on one at the same time?

I shoulda been a lawyer.

...police responded only to find that the naked male had narcotics paraphernalia on him...

Than you for not detailing where they were found. I don't need that image first thing in the morning.

Reminds me an episode of Futurama and dr.Zoidberg.


The man was booked into San Francisco County Jail for multiple charges, including probation violation.

Presumably they hosed him down first.

"Dumpster Romance" wbagnfarb...

Room with a p.u.

Why can't it be like the old days when young 'uns grabbed a bottle of cheap wine, climbed over the fence at the community pool, had a skinny dip and, you know ...? Oh for the days before security cameras.
Naturally, I used to read about this stuff in the local paper. What?

I bet Rogers and Hammerstein could make a great musical about this story. "Shall we muck....(shall we dance )".

"Folks always said they was trash ...."

These are the stories that make a reporter question their relevance in the world.

It's their new composting initiative.

Please don't make this into a Reality show...

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