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September 24, 2014


Adult film star Missy Martinez says a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator shot off sparks inches from her genitals while she was using it during a porn film shoot.

(Thanks to AmoebaStampede)


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This will probably be the next topic trending on BuzzFeed.

(Ha Ha). I bet she got excited over it.

And Ms. Martinez has now been recognized as an up-and-coming star due to her electric performance in this latest film.
Did anyone see the sidebar item about Ken (as in "Barbie's Stud") as Jesus? And labeled so in at least three different languages. I'm not sure where Barbie fits into this. Calling her His girlfriend would open a real can of worms, especially since Ken's sexuality has been questioned-seeing as he has no genitals.

I think this is more of an issue for OSHA.

Oh the humanity!

Isn't that what magic wands are supposed to do? Shoot off sparks and stuff.

I wonder what Hermione did with hers when she was off camera? "Clitoris tinglius"

Sounds like the vibrator scene from "Everything you ever wanted to know about Sex". I tried to find the clip, but no luck. Anybody know where we can find one?

pretty sure i used something like that on a karaoke night a few years back . . .

- to SING INTO, of course !

They (the safety board) were probably busy watching porn films.

Is it too early to order tickets for the trial?

You're supposed to tune those things for minimum smoke.

MissyM is about to be a rich [and hot] babe

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