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September 21, 2014


Surfers and early morning walkers were stunned to find thousands of 'alien eggs' on a Sydney beach this weekend.



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"You just had to book our bocce tournament at the same time and place as the Minoxidil convention."

Cocoon, Part 3

Kim Kardashian kept thousands of her frozen alien eggs in clear 1 qt. resealable plastic bags and planned to write a picture book about them. How the *hell* could this happen?

And...cue the ham!
Ham? Dangit, where's the ham?

They look to me like the end product of a vegetarian diet, probably after being processed through a giant shark.

I once played with a Nerf Ball which looked just like these.

Then my 4 year old neighbor took a bite out of it. It just wasn't the same afterwards.

OOOh that is interesting as Dave has to keep us up to date on science info

I've heard of blue balls, but green...???

Harvest and sell them.

All this stuff seems to happen in Australia.

Star Trek 'the Trouble with Tribbles'
watch it people before it is too late!

"...thought to be a rare type of living algae..."

As opposed the the much more common dead algae?!?

"to the" not "the the" >eyeroll<


A little penicillin should clear that right up.

I hope your not joking, cause just ONE of those things wiped out my entire crew. And if they get back to the mainland, it's game over man.

I'm right here, Steve.

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