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September 23, 2014


Woman stuck finger up vicious dog's bottom to stop attack on her pet Jack Russell

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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One of my British friends actually lives near Kinky Dog's Bottom. It's a suburb of Cocking Farksworth. Buncha bleedin' blighters there, every third person a Ned.

Vicious Dogsbottom used to have that pimply guitar player with the squeaky voice. Saw 'em warming up for Screeching Weasel in the 80s. Helluva show.

Eww. Just eww.

Got any handi wipes?

Oh come on, we've ALL done THAT.

Actually I think Dog's Bottom is the dead end of Pissing Alley in London, right behind Parliament.

The Fecal Finger of Fate

Australian for "Tuesday"

This is how I communicate with dogs that are angry and obstinate.

But will this work for Grizzly bears ?

Not sure about grizzlies, but it would work on me. NTTAWWT

Ali tried this on Frazier and Tyson bit the ear off Holyfield trying to separate them.

Well done, Clankie!

Law enforcement should consider this method instead of tasers.

*snork-in* @Clankie!!

and this news comes from down under

Where's the "I call that foreplay" guy?

This is true. I know that if a male dog who has not been spade attacks you are to grab its balls, assuming you can get past the teeth.

Happened to a friend of mine at a dog show. Dog attacked her and her little dog and a guy cam to her rescue by grabbing the attacking dog by the balls.

Needless to say, said dog and owner were told to leave the dog show.

We will now return to our normal telecast......

After that all his dog wanted to do is smell his finger.

I ain't grabbing the stones of a violent dog.... Word is one quick blow to the inner neck/throat to break the windpipe takes them to the happy dog home in the sky.

Not a word about the state of the dog's prostate.

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