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September 27, 2014


A newsreader of Doordarshan News has been sacked as she pronounced the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping as “Eleven Jinping” in a bulletin, mistaking “Xi” for the Roman numeral “XI.”

(Thanks to ligirl)


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You mean "Kardashian News," right?

Is this the first time your news gets to be published by Dave? I remember my first time.

pity the news reporter - her boyfriend is always renting those nasty '30' movies & drinks like he's on a '4' drip . . .

hi kolo - been around awhile, but i don't send in much - i leave that to jeff the pros . . .

( & actually i'm 'LI' girl . . . but you can call me '51')

The late Paul Harvey was notorious for garbling foreign names and words. I once heard him refer to Kim Jong Il as "Kim Jong the Second."

How does one pronounce "Doordarshan?"

Eleven Jinpings jumping!

Years ago, there was karate studio in Lexington KY run by a Korean, I think, gentleman named Sen The (pronounced Sin Tae).
One night a new news caster referred to the place for some reason. I do remember a reference to "Sin, the karate center".
Who knew martial arts could be so much fun?

Geezer Alert:

Many, many years ago Lawrence Welk, presumably reading from cue cards, introduced a medley of favorites from "Double-U Double-U Eye Eye."

Some politicians have trouble with the word " corps ".

*snork* ay nursecindy

Well, on the upside she does know her Roman numerals.

I hate being the twelfth commenter. It was so perfect to have eleven comments for this post.

Apparently, she was a little too casual of a news reader.

At least she didn't have any stories about Malcolm the Tenth.

Reminds me of the time in middle school when a classmate was reading aloud from the textbook, came to a "1" in superscript indicating a footnote, and read the end of the sentence as "to the first power."

Also: XIVth!

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