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September 26, 2014


The Times is on it.


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they continue to hedge

Inadvertent Rodenticide wbagnfa punk band.

key quote:

"The groundhog tumbled headlong to the ground, a long descent from the anus of a 6-foot-6 mayor. She did not stick the landing..."

at least that's how i read it.

Speaking as the husband of a farm owner, a groundhog's most endearing trait is that if you shoot at one and miss, it will run to hide behind something.
Then, it will stand up to its full height to look for whatever made that "bang".
This is an amazingly unwise behavior.

Why can't they just SHARE the ground?

How much wood did it chuck?

If it would or even could chuck wood?

Well, it is the paper of record.

The medical examiner has concluded that her death was not directly related to the incident with mayor.

Let's look at the facts:
1) Sometimes in places like Riker's Island, prisoners suffer internal injuries from falling up and down the stairs a few times.
2) She was locked up at the time she sustained her internal injuries.
3) Mayor Di Blasio is an Italian-American politician from NYC.
4) She made the mayor look bad with the incident.

The reader can draw their own conclusions about what happened.

Restores my faith in American journalism

And Al Sharpton does nothing.

So if Humpty Dumpty sees his shadow . . .

The groundhog dumped De Blasio on his head.

The poor thing probably jumped to get out of the creep's arms.

Bill Murray is going to be so pissed.

I was going to type "GroundHogGateMySister", but it just doesn't look right.

But "Carnivorous GroundHogs" is a *great* name for my next band!

A city of Thinkers.

And just what were the squirrels doing during this incident?


"I have a great idea. Let's set up a photo op with the mayor and some cute furry animal from the zoo. What could possibly go wrong?"

A couple of days later:

"Here's a banker's box for the stuff from your desk."

*Snork" PirateBoy.

"New rules would keep mayors and groundhogs from coming into contact every February."

Well, it's ABOUT TIME!

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