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September 30, 2014


500 pounds of squash stolen from Pittsfield church

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)

We saw 500 Pounds of Squash open for Cream.


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Geez steal squash.

We're gonna need more nutmeg

There is nothing lower.

500 Pound Squash did a mash-up with Humble Pie and The Roots.

I met their guitarist once, and was able to ask him "What plant are you from?" He didn't have time to answer, as he had to get growing.

Rumor has it the Gourden Gekko stole it.

"Is there a problem, officer?"

I blame the squirrels.

er all, it was acorn squash, mostly.

Always preferred “30,000 Pounds Of Bananas” myself.

Who are you calling a gourd head?

Doesn't a case like this get tried in a squash court?

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