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September 30, 2014


It's bright.

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(Thanks to Jim Kenaston and John Gregg)


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That is gross. Outer space wear. Ugly ptatform shoes too.

Well, the hair matches the shoes. There is that.

can't decide if that's suppose to make a splash on the runway or avoid one


She must have lost a bet...

when i grow up i wanna be a fashion writer/editor...but where do i get the training needed?

She and the designer are clearly ready for the ice-bucket challenge.

Is anyone missing a pool float and a shower curtain ?

The guy's walk resembles Obama's walk and He does resemble Lurch a little too.

I imagine her parents are very proud of her. If they can recognize her.

I once told my son if he ever sees me wearing street shoes with white socks, or sandals and socks, to just shoot me.

It looks like she's wearing a shower curtain.

yeah i'm thinking she got tangled up in the shower curtain, somehow slipped & fell face-first into the toilet bowl, & looks p!ssed off cuz the seat's stuck on her head

I think some of the others in the slide show are worse, those I agree with Hammond Rye, collectively they all look as though they'd lost a bet, and all self-respect.

was anyone else reminded of jack nicholson's joker? (love that joker!) you know, that one?


oh, and i bet some friends of a friend would consider that foreplay, ligirl.

I just wore this outfit to the grocery store last night. Great, now everyone will have one.

I, for one, welcome our new Martian Overlords......

The white socks with the black shoes really give it that old-man-on-the-beach look everyone loves.

Order now for delivery before Halloween.

Can't wait until the "Anthropomorphic Partridge Family Bus Wreckage" fragrance hits the market as well.

Great stuff, all!!

I assume the models are all professionals, but how they manage to walk the runway with straight faces is truly a mystery.

(Almost all of the shower curtains I've owned would look WAY better as dresses than any of this crapola stuff.)

Klezmerphan, it's the drugs and malnutrition that gives them that blank look.

She must have lost a bet...

Posted by: Hammond Rye | September 30, 2014 at 11:12 AM

I'm still not sure if "she" is a she or a he.

I wish someone would pay ME that well to make people dress like idiots.

Let me guess....She left the "beauty parlor" in a huff because they wouldn't die her hair neon pink?

OR, could it be Nancy Grace arriving at

CNN BEFORE she adds the makeup and wig?

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