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September 29, 2014


An Israeli psychic known for purportedly bending metal objects with his mind says Apple's bending iPhone 6 woes could be explained by "mental forces."

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Yep. A lot of mental forces have focus near a back pocket.

Typo - it's 'farces'

Uri Geller is about the second-worst psychic fraud ever. I'd put Ted Serios first because you gotta love Ted's attitude. The Amazing Randi can bend spoons better than Uri, and Randi can show the whole audience how to be spoon-bending psychics as well.

I think Uri's phsychic force comes from Uranus. NTTAWWT.

iPhone ownership and presence of mental forces generally are mutually exclusive.

Two Bit Hustler opened for KISS.

Just sayin'.

Are mental forces covered in the warranty?

Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me.

So you're saying "mental forces" is what did that to Beyonce's butt?

Uri Geller? Wasn't he proven to be a fraud and a trickster in the late 70's?

Shouldn't he just retire and move to Bend, Oregon?

i heard Uri now only does small shows, whereabouts unknown :
he's a small medium at large

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