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September 22, 2014


Traders see goat price going up this Dashain

This has been the Daily Business Report.

(Thanks to Monique)


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Time to stock up and do a little goat arbitrage.

Alert Fox! News that the war on Dashain continues despite their efforts.

I think "Up your Dashain" is a very bad phrase.

CA would like to offer up Pelosi and Boxer to ease the spiraling prices.

Didn't the Dashain Soaring Goat once open for Steely Dan?

I, too, would like to criticize the government for doing nothing to increase goat production. If the government doesn't get on this goat thing now it could hurt the dong. And nobody wants the dong to drop.

In the USA, goat prices soar right before 4th of July and fall until Xmas. The traditional goat bbq is part of our country's freedom celebration.

" Goats opened slightly higher today as demand from ISIL surged... "

Sex trade?

Ok, since no one else will ...

This looks like baad economic news for the consumer. Very baad.

Great. Now what am I suppose to do with all these boxes of Goat Helper?

I was gonna say. Is ISIl/ISIS buying them all up?

Have you seen these guys. Fugy doesn't even come close.

Bad news for the Mideastern Man-Goat Love Association.

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