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September 29, 2014


"The first thing when I walked out of my door this morning and I saw it, I thought an airplane s*** on us."

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Sorry to poo-poo the idea, but there is no way to deliberately empty an aircraft toilet when the plane is flying. Something else sh*t on them -- maybe aliens? More likely birds: She's my little goose poop; you don't know what I got.

Aviation expert Peter Clarke said, “The tanks on the aircraft can leak, they've been known to leak but it's a very uncommon occurrence.”

So uncommon that he's mentioning it on national news. If tanks leaking effluent was a common thing, it'd be easy enough to trace if not by residue, by smell.

Ralph ~ I bet MacGyver could do it.

Rejected X-Files story line.

Brown Clumps opened for Green Day.

Is she sure it wasn't shinola?

Perhaps the pilot thought his plane was in trouble?

Old pilot adage, usually caught on tape just before a crash: First you say it, then you do it.

A group of very large monkeys.

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