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September 30, 2014


I think this says Ridley and I are wanted for espionage. Also in my case for flagrant "just took a shower" hair.


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Writers... just want to have fun.

I'll leave the rest of the lyrics to the professionals

It says you both work for the CIIIA, but no one knows what that is. Also mentions 'rabbit burger' for some reason, and boogers.

It says do not laugh at these two; laughing is forbidden.

In Soviet Russia, jokes laugh at you!

I see you brought Donald Trump's coonskin cap to Russia for disguise purposes.

It's an article honoring the two of you for your participation in the Vodka & Potato Bucket Challenge.

I had a sense of humor in school, you had it not, and handsome face! Now something, maybe it really is important. Only too late (laughs).
Thank you Google translator! I like your hair Dave. It gives you a wind swept, devil may care look.

you don't know how lucky you are, boys

At least you:
a) have hair, and
b) took a shower!

Thank you, nursecindy! That sounds just like our Dave and Ridley doesn't it?

I should translate this for practice. I actually used to be a Russian translator in the Army. No, really. Как сказать "booger" на русском языке?

The caption says, "Popular American writers Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson talked about what should be a modern children's literature" -- insight which really captures the essence of their writing.

(also via Google Translate; all rights reserved)

Nice, ligirl.

Did anyone else try holding that page up to a mirror?

Dave comes off more brooding and intellectual in Russian translated back into English, but is interesting article on the side:

Its tablet closer to the body
The correspondent of "HB" to understand, so if we sit tight on foreign "pharmaceutical needle", as they say, and there is a chance to get off with her

Is Dave on the Mesozoic diet or was the food that bad?

I thought the interview was well done. However, there could be some blowback because of the part where you volunteered to coordinate the overthrow of...

From what I remember of the Cyrillic alphabet, "Ридли Пирсон" is the transliteration of "Ridley Pearson", and "Дэйв Барри" means "guy who needs a haircut".

excerpts from http://www.translate.ru/siteTranslation/autolink/?direction=re&template=General&sourceURL=http://www.nvspb.ru/stories/my-hoteli-sozdat-mir-gde-nam-budet-veselo-55569

"We wanted to create the world where to us it will be cheerful"


Ten years ago they united to write the children's book as experiment. Experience went off with a bang – the "St. Petersburg and Hunters of Stars" series totals five books, many thousands circulations and millions of won children's hearts.

Your joint book – background to the well-known fairy tale about Peter Pan of the Scottish playwright James Mathew Barry. Why you chose the ready hero, but didn't invent a modern history?

Ridley: It in general turned out incidentally. I read to the daughter of "Peter Pan", and she suddenly asked: "The daddy and how Peter got acquainted with the captain Kryuk?" I didn't know the answer. Also I decided that it is possible to write about it the book – who such St. Petersburg, from where it undertook why is able to fly... Before I worked hard over detective thrillers, and Dave wrote years satirical columns which received various awards, he has such fervent, boyish humour. And here I thought if to unite two of our voices, to add adventures, it can funny turn out.

– And what, Peter Pan for the American children some special character? Cult?

Dave: That you, the cult character – Harry Potter (laughs). But the history about the boy who is able to fly and never matures, strongly sprouted in culture of all English-speaking countries. In the States, by the way, very few people read the original. But all watched Disney's animated cartoon. Here it the precisely cult.

//Anastasia Lozhko talked.

Is Dave handcuffed again?

Dave, Tolstoy, Pasternak, Ridley

Suzie WAC-- they didn't teach you to say booger at DLI?

MazarLarry - Nope. Well, maybe. If they did I forgot.

My English-Russian dictionary doesn't have an entry for "booger." "Snot" is сопли (SO-plee).

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