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September 23, 2014


Wisconsin Man Suffers 100 Unwanted Orgasms A Day

(Thanks to Michael Huber)


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I saw Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome open for the Sex Pistols. T'was an explosive show.

Whoomp! There it is!

Of course, the other 200 orgasms each day are totally wanted.

You beat me to it (so to speak), Cheesewiz.

Better put down a drop cloth.

Something tells me he will soon be a star on the Howard Sern show.

Typical treatment is about 5 months of marriage.

I'll have what he's having.

Speaking as a male, WHAT IS an unwanted orgasm? I was trying to find the answer in the story, but ...

PGA...? So THAT'S what golf is all about.

Which disk was that he slipped?

Do you have like a map or something?

We need to get him together with her.


He's shooting blanks now. There ain't that much ammunition in the world.

My buddy says Justin Bieber will suffer from PGAS when He develops genitals.

I bet he could give Jackson Pollock a run for his money.

NOT me. Honest. Never even shook hands with the guy, thank God.

I remember one remedy I employed when I was a lad surely on my way to hell (and blindness) was to think about the nuns from parochial school. It worked remarkably well to 'ease the tension', if you will...until I would lose focus.

What? Just trying to offer helpful advice.

1979. PGA opened for Climax Blues Band.

1984. PGA opened for Cream

2004. PGA opened for Hoobastank and the Meat Puppets.

2014. Citing "creative differences", the band broke up for good after their "Can You See the Love Tonight?" tour.

This may be the one place applying Socialism might work.

Rhymes with "Decker".

I know a woman that wants him!

It sounds like PGA is experiencing stress like I am experiencing it.

Steve wins the "it's not cynicism if it's true" award.

I think I see a new version of "99 bottles of beer" coming (so to speak).

I have friends who call that foreplay.

He "suffered" all those orgasms? He should follow the advice young girls were given in "unwanted" situations: lie back and enjoy.

"They just keep on coming"?

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