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September 28, 2014


When making Miami look bad made Miami look good.


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"… to we gave out bumper stickers that said:
Come Back To Miami
We Weren’t Shooting At YOU"

Please please tell me these are still available.

Come back to Miami. LeBron still comes into town twice a year.

Miami Vice started the stubble craze (excuse not to shave), but it only looked good on Sonny.

See the last section of Walter Winchell's column; top left.

Top it with a couple of Hiasson and Leonard characters some Burn Notice explosions and David David Caruso removing his sunglasses - It's a party.

We heard your City Council thought it was Miami Nice, and immediately gave the producers a $900 million subsidy. Things work out in the end.

Miami should put up signs on the Highway saying "Miami, No Murders In XXX Days." I remember when Lowell Ma. went over a year without a murder and it became a matter of civic pride, heck the Hell's Angels affiliate would even drive people across the line into Tyngsboro before killing them.

I remember those Miami videos that were in the Sonesta Beach hotel, that talked about, how Miami had, somehow,become the banking Capitol of the Carribean

It was a Psychiatric Invetigative drug meeting. Good location for shipping...

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